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ASX Best Practice Corporate Governance Principles

Editor’s note: The adoption of codes such as the ASX Best Practice Corporate Governance Principles (outlined below) can assist Third Sector organisations to build an ethical culture. They will have a strong ethical culture when board and management lead with integrity, managers reinforce ethical conduct, peers display a commitment to ethics and the organisation integrates its values in day-to-day decision-making. The integration of Codes of Conduct and Ethics into the practice of the organisation, the … Continue reading

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Ethics on the study program

by Leo d’Angelo Fisher. Business Review Weekly, September 2010 Stung by criticism that MBA executives contributed to the global financial crisis, many leading business schools in the USA and Europe have responded by rewriting their MBA curriculums.  Fisher reports that the biggest shortcomings of the transgressors who brought the world’s financial system to the brink involve familiar keywords:  ethics, values, sustainability, responsibility and accountability.  He asks:  If business schools are not to blame for the … Continue reading

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Working with CSR in Brazilian companies

“Working with CSR in Brazilian companies: The Role of Managers’ Values in the Maintenance of Culture”, by Fernanda Duarte. Journal of Business Ethics, Volume 96, Number 3, Pages 355-368. Spring 2010 Corporate social responsibility (CSR) refers to the duty of management to consider and respond to issues beyond the organisation’s economic and legal requirements, in line with social and environmental values.  However “management” is real people responsible for making decisions and formulating and implementing policies. Duarte … Continue reading

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Turning values into action

by Mary C Gentile. Stanford Social Innovation Review, Fall 2010 Social innovators are usually motivated by their personal values, yet they don’t always act on them, because they are afraid it might lead to conflict.  Even when they do act, it often ends badly.  To remedy this, social innovators can learn how to articulate their values consistently and act on them in a way that is likely to lead to good outcomes. So concludes Gentile … Continue reading

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Book Review: Blessed Unrest

Book by Paul Hawken. Reviewed by Jonathon Fisher. “Only connect,” wrote the British author E.M. Forster. This is the message I take from Paul Hawken’s Blessed Unrest, a book which has important lessons for those of us catalysing social change movements. Blessed Unrest suggests that although there are vast numbers of people and organisations who share the desire for a transition to a saner and wiser culture, most of them are not connected with each … Continue reading

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The Big Conversation

A status report by Sandy Blackburn-Wright, Emerging Leaders for Social Change; 2010. The Big Conversation – an initiative of the Emerging Leaders for Social Change – was established in response to a void in the 2009 discussions surrounding the Global Financial Crisis. Leaders were debating the efficacy of the stimulus package, regulatory reform and other measures seemingly without reference to the values that had led us to the situation in the first place. Many believe … Continue reading

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