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ASX Best Practice Corporate Governance Principles

Editor’s note: The adoption of codes such as the ASX Best Practice Corporate Governance Principles (outlined below) can assist Third Sector organisations to build an ethical culture. They will have a strong ethical culture when board and management lead with integrity, managers reinforce ethical conduct, peers display a commitment to ethics and the organisation integrates its values in day-to-day decision-making. The integration of Codes of Conduct and Ethics into the practice of the organisation, the … Continue reading

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Recent approaches to measuring social impact in the third sector: an overview

by Gianni Zappalà & Mark Lyons, CSI BP No.6, 2009. Summary by Gianni Zappalà. There is a growing interest in the measurement of social impact. In some countries, there are moves towards making the use of some form of social impact measurement framework or model compulsory for those Third Sector organisations that receive government funding. Three such social impact measurement approaches are gaining traction in Australia: Social Accounting and Audit (SAA); Logic Models such as … Continue reading

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The End of Charity: How to Fix the Nonprofit Sector Through Effective Social Investing

by David E. K. Hunter, Philadelphia Social Innovations Journal; October 2009. This author lights a fire under funders to promote social impact measurement through social investing. His claim is clear: “Social investing, if widely adopted, will help channel funding streams that are directed by measurable performance rather than feel-good stories, habits of giving and rank sentimentality. And social investing has the potential (yet to be realised) to advance a selection process that either forces poor … Continue reading

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Why Measure? Nonprofits use metrics to show that they are efficient. But what if donors don’t care?

by Katie Cunningham and Marc Ricks, Stanford Social Innovation Review; Summer 2004. Do donors really care about performance measurement? According to this Stanford Social Innovation Review piece: not really. Through interviews with individual donors, the authors reveal that the real motivations behind giving are a personal connection to the cause, leadership, or trustees. There is also a widespread belief in the donor community that there’s not much difference between organisations engaged in similar work. Individual … Continue reading

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Lives Of The Saints: International Hardship Duty In Chad

by Jonathan Harr, The New Yorker; January 5, 2009. This New Yorker piece depicts the challenges of leadership in a field office situated on the eastern frontier of the African nation of Chad. Chad is considered a hardship posting within the ranks of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR.) The office is situated close to the Dafur border, where nearly two hundred and fifty thousand Sudanese have fled to escape death, mayhem, and … Continue reading

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