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Ethics on the study program

by Leo d’Angelo Fisher. Business Review Weekly, September 2010 Stung by criticism that MBA executives contributed to the global financial crisis, many leading business schools in the USA and Europe have responded by rewriting their MBA curriculums.  Fisher reports that the biggest shortcomings of the transgressors who brought the world’s financial system to the brink involve familiar keywords:  ethics, values, sustainability, responsibility and accountability.  He asks:  If business schools are not to blame for the … Continue reading

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Turning values into action

by Mary C Gentile. Stanford Social Innovation Review, Fall 2010 Social innovators are usually motivated by their personal values, yet they don’t always act on them, because they are afraid it might lead to conflict.  Even when they do act, it often ends badly.  To remedy this, social innovators can learn how to articulate their values consistently and act on them in a way that is likely to lead to good outcomes. So concludes Gentile … Continue reading

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Is the Grass Greener? Sector Shifting and Choice of Sector By MPA and MBA Graduates

by Mary Tschirhart, Kira Kristal Reed, Sarah J. Freeman, and Alison Louie Anker, Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly, Volume 37, Number 4, Sage Publications, December 2008. Which pasture holds the greener grass for aspiring graduates: business, government, or nonprofit? The authors of this study published in the Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly surveyed 688 graduates to track their careers within and between sectors. They argue that today’s graduates have abandoned the traditional view of a … Continue reading

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