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A Practical Guide for Engaging Stakeholders in Developing Evaluation Questions

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Evaluation Series, by Hallie Preskill, Ph.D., and Nathalie Jones, October 2009. The finding of this report should come as no surprise: successful evaluation projects depend upon meaningfully engaging stakeholders early and often in framing the project’s questions. Happily, this guide shines a light on the important practical question of how to engage them. The authors note that to achieve meaningful evaluation results, organisations should solicit stakeholder buy-in from the start. ‘Stakeholders’ … Continue reading

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Leadership on the Line: Staying Alive through the Dangers of Leading

by Ronald A. Heifetz and Marty Linsky; Harvard Business School Press, 2002 Leadership on the Line is oft-cited by tenured leaders as a favoured text, perhaps because the book offers a highly empathetic perspective. Heifetz and Linsky argue that leadership is a dangerous undertaking. They encourage those who want to “step forward, make a difference, take the heat, and survive to delight in the fruits of your labor.” This book helps leaders face and mitigate … Continue reading

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How the Best Indian Companies Drive Performance by Investing in People

by Peter Cappelli, Harbir Singh, Jitendra V. Singh, and Michael Useen. The Harvard Business Review, March 2010. Practices associated with effective leadership vary across cultures. This piece from the Harvard Business Review highlights the ways leaders of highly-regarded Indian companies focus their energies. The findings are based on interviews of 105 leaders from 98 of the largest Indian-based companies, such as Tata, Reliance, Aventis, and Infosys. Unlike Western CEOs who often claim that cleverness at … Continue reading

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Strategy Tools for a Shifting Landscape

by Michael G. Jacobides, Harvard Business Review; January- February 2010. Engaging, or perhaps re-engaging, employees in strategy discussions is the focus of a recent piece in the Harvard Business Review. If you’ve ever sat through a tiresome PowerPoint loaded with graphs and spreadsheets meant to simulate strategic direction, you may identify with its main point: the way we discuss strategy needs to change. The author asserts that we live in an environment of incessant change. … Continue reading

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The Big Conversation

A status report by Sandy Blackburn-Wright, Emerging Leaders for Social Change; 2010. The Big Conversation – an initiative of the Emerging Leaders for Social Change – was established in response to a void in the 2009 discussions surrounding the Global Financial Crisis. Leaders were debating the efficacy of the stimulus package, regulatory reform and other measures seemingly without reference to the values that had led us to the situation in the first place. Many believe … Continue reading

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Participation Society

Griffith Review, Edition 24, by Griffith University, 2009. CSI’s very own Peter Shergold and Cheryl Kernot appear in the Griffith Review’s recent issue on participation society. Both essays are reminders that structural innovation is at work in Australian society. Kernot’s essay, ‘A quiet revolution,’ is a personal reflection on a shift she sees towards a society which puts: “social value at its core.” Kernot writes about social entrepreneurship which she believes is already reshaping people’s … Continue reading

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