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The Normative Problem with the Term ‘Next Generation’ Leaders

by Rosetta Thurman, Stanford Social Innovation Review; January 25, 2010. This piece suggests that the normative problem with the term ‘Next Generation Leaders’ – as applied to young leaders in the nonprofit sector – is that it limits these individuals’ impact today. The author posits that by waiting until these young leaders have sufficient characteristics to make them “now” leaders, they will have to wait until the Baby Boomers have left their posts. But Baby … Continue reading

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The Big Conversation

A status report by Sandy Blackburn-Wright, Emerging Leaders for Social Change; 2010. The Big Conversation – an initiative of the Emerging Leaders for Social Change – was established in response to a void in the 2009 discussions surrounding the Global Financial Crisis. Leaders were debating the efficacy of the stimulus package, regulatory reform and other measures seemingly without reference to the values that had led us to the situation in the first place. Many believe … Continue reading

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