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Breakthroughs in Shared Measurement and Social Impact

The Foundation Strategy Group; 2009. The breakthroughs reported by the Foundation Strategy Group (FSG) refer to efforts underway to develop shared approaches to measure and report performance across organisations. This informative report highlights twenty such efforts, categorised into three types: Shared measurement platforms Comparative performance systems Adaptive learning systems The research also refers to consistent elements of success across the approaches. These include solid leadership and funding during the multi-year development period, voluntary participation, use … Continue reading

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What It Takes to Make Star Hires Pay Off

by Boris Groysberg, Linda-Eling Lee, and Robin Abrahams, MIT Sloan Management Review, Winter 2010. The authors cite plenty of people and organisations across sectors that have fallen prey to the appealing ‘Legend of the Lone Star’. It turns out no one individual can single-handedly turn around an organisation. How disappointing. Rather than let stars peter-out, companies can enhance their lustre through considering them part of a constellation. Surrounding star employees with high quality colleagues is … Continue reading

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Power and Love: A Theory and Practice of Social Change

by Adam Kahane, Berrett-Koehler Publishers, 2010. Adam Kahane spoke about Power and Love to a Sydney Leadership audience at The Benevolent Society earlier this year. After two decades of work with seemingly intractable conflicts around the world, Kahane understands the challenge of wedding principles to practicalities. He pins the failures of the Copenhagen climate change summit to bring together the greenies’ love camp with the industrialists’ power camp. Rhetorical pleas to save the planet for … Continue reading

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Now What? Three Success Factors for Translating the Corporate Responsibility to Respect into Practice

by Faris Natour, Leading Perspectives: A Trends and Solutions Publication from Business for Social Responsibility; Spring 2009. Corporate responsibility for human rights is a hot topic. As part of the discussions over the last few years, UN Special Representative for Business and Human Rights, John Ruggie, facilitated the development of a conceptual framework: ‘Protect, Respect, and Remedy.’ It asserts that the state maintains its duty to protect citizens from corporate human rights abuses. The corporate … Continue reading

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Factors Affecting Member Perceptions of Coalition Impact

by Rebecca Wells, Mark Feinberg, Jeffrey A. Alexander, and Ann J. Ward, Nonprofit Management & Leadership, vol. 19, no. 3; Spring 2009. What is it that makes a successful coalition – and what is the X-factor that makes its members believe they are achieving a real impact? This academic paper investigates these questions by bringing together and extending research on perceptions of social impact. The authors’ research focuses on coalitions – which are defined as … Continue reading

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Book Review: Money Well Spent: A Strategic Plan For Smart Philanthropy

Book by Paul Brest And Hal Harvey, Bloomberg Press; 2008. Reviewed by Duncan Peppercorn; Founder of Social Ventures Australia Consulting. Thank goodness for this book. I hope that it quickly becomes obligatory reading for all those who want to invest in creating a better Australia. Brest and Harvey have managed, with great clarity and appropriate simplicity, to outline the rationale for philanthropists — and by extension all funders of social change — to take a … Continue reading

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The Alchemy Project Feasibility Report

FAR Social Enterprise; 2008. Alchemy is the process by which base metals are turned into gold. The Alchemy Project by FAR Social Enterprise seeks to similarly transform nonprofit careers into golden leadership opportunities. The Alchemy Feasibility Report findings are based on consultations with individuals from Australia’s not-for-profit, corporate and government sectors. This report suggests the key requirements for this transformation are resources to support mentoring, time for self-reflection, and collaboration between sectors. The report explains … Continue reading

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