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Ten Nonprofit Funding Models

by William Landes Foster, Peter Kim, and Barbara Christiansen, The Stanford Social Innovation Review, Spring 2009. This article recommends that a new shorthand lexicon is needed for nonprofit leaders to articulate quickly and clearly how their organisations are focused and financed. The authors provide a useful cheat-sheet to alleviate funding fuzziness in the nonprofit sector. They identify the following ten nonprofit funding models: 1) Heartfelt connector – focusing on a cause that resonates with people … Continue reading

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For-Profit Activism: Change We Can Profit From

The Economist, print edition; January 29, 2009. Never heard of a Carrotmob? You’re about to. Carrotmobs are beginning to crop up for a cause, thanks to two Silicon Valley entrepreneurs who have turned to activist campaigning as the next start-up industry. The Economist reports that Brent Schulkin and Steve Newcomb’s company, Virgance, plans to profit from organising campaigns for change. The company builds campaigns by recruiting volunteers and creating an on-line presence through paying bloggers … Continue reading

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