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 Welcome. Knowledge Connect aims to provide a space for interaction, where users can help one another keep abreast of trends and developments in the social sector.

It’s our hope that the exchanges here will delve into topics more deeply and provoke thinking about the future of the social sector in Australia.  

To ensure that the posts are relevant and constructive all comments will be reviewed by the editor.  Posts may be removed if they violate any of the following guidelines:

  •  Do not try to sell a product or service.  Knowledge Connect is an ad-free zone.
  •  Do not attack individuals. Knowledge Connect is about debating ideas.
  •  Do not post multimedia. You can link to multimedia sources, just don’t paste them in. 

All postings become the property of the Centre for Social Impact.

We encourage diverse viewpoints.  Please share yours to enliven the debate. 

Thanks for participating,

The Editor

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