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Why philanthropy matters

by Guest Contributors: Louise Walsh and Katy Tyrrell, Australia Council for the Arts Government funding is not a growth industry – demonstrated by increasing competition for grants, impending budget cuts and short-term funding priorities – it’s hard to keep up. Philanthropy has become the great equaliser – bridging the gap between revenue and rising costs. Results from the Australian Major Performing Arts Group (AMPAG) 2012 survey Tracking changes in Corporate Sponsorship and Private Donations indicate … Continue reading

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Philanthropy is dead

by Harrow, J. and T. Jung (2011), Public Management Review (PMR) 13(8): 1047-1056 Guest Contributor: Dr Wendy Scaife, Senior Research Fellow, Australian Centre for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Studies This special Public Management Review issue looks at how philanthropy interacts with public policy and also questions who is accountable to whom for what. Harrow and Jung’s editorial introduces some key issues in this philanthropy/government relationship, as a taster to this edition’s seven articles. They observe that … Continue reading

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Screw business as usual

by Richard Branson, published by Portfolio, December 2011 On meeting Richard Branson, Jochen Zeitz, the CEO of Sport & Lifestyle Group said: “I felt mesmerised by him at first, not sure whether I was being charmed by a beast with the nature of a lion or a golden retriever.” Mmm, I know what he means! Branson’s book is a bright and breezy, easy read. It’s peppered with well-known names, inspirational stories and a Pollyannaish sense … Continue reading

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Power and Light

Power & light: grappling with transparency and effectiveness. Video. Foundation Centre, USA, 26 January 2012 The tension between transparency and effectiveness is often not well understood by those outside the philanthropic sector. Like many of the sensitive issues around philanthropy, while engendering often quite passionate differing positions, the transparency and effectiveness tension is often not discussed publicly. In this video, panel members Brad Smith of the Foundation Center, Phil Buchanan of the Center for Effective … Continue reading

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Letters to the editor: Review

A review of letters to the editor received in response to the Alliance magazine, September 2011 edition. The September 2011 edition of Alliance magazine’s focus on ‘Living with the Gates Foundation’ attracted a fascinating array of Letters to the Editor. These were published over the subsequent editions of Alliance and were received from leaders of the philanthropic sector globally. In many ways, I found the letters even more engaging than the original articles. Firstly there … Continue reading

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Living with the Gates Foundation

Alliance magazine, September 2011 Raise the issue of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and, as Michael Alberg-Seberich from Active Philanthropy succinctly puts it: “People are impressed with the donor, they see the strategic work, but they find the size of the organisation tremendous and wonder about issues of power”. In the September 2011 edition of Alliance magazine, editor Caroline Hartnell, ran a special focus on ‘Living with the Gates Foundation’.  Controversially the cover of … Continue reading

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Spring 2012: Why does philanthropy matter?

As guest editors of the Spring 2011 edition of Knowledge Connect on Philanthropy: Impact over Intentions, Paul Flatau and Elena Douglas at CSI (UWA) examined the emergence of a generation of philanthropists who value impact and effectiveness over intentions. They looked at the principal global forces guiding these changes and how that was impacting Australian philanthropy. In the then Federal Government’s 2005 Giving Australia: Research on Philanthropy in Australia, it was estimated that a total … Continue reading

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