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Spirituality at Work & Business

The Spirituality, Leadership and Management (SLaM) network  Spirituality, Leadership and Management (SLaM) is an Australian-based network of scholars and practitioners interested in the interface between Spirituality (defined broadly to include conscious living, a sense of meaning, celebration of life and the possibility of personal transformation) and business and organisational life. The SLaM network has been in existence for over a decade in various guises and over the last few years has entered a more vigorous … Continue reading

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Changing the Future

Adam Kahane, Transformative Scenario Planning: Working together to change the future, San Francisco: Berrett-Koehler Publishers, 2012 Adam Kahane is a partner in the Massachusetts office of Reos Partners and an Associate Fellow at the Saïd Business School at the University of Oxford. He led the global Scenarios team at Shell, and facilitated the first Transformative Scenario Planning process in South Africa. Over the last two decades he and his colleagues have guided similar processes in … Continue reading

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The Path to Meaningful Work and Life

Marjolein Lips-Wiersma and Lani Morris, The Map of meaning – A guide to sustaining our humanity in the world of work, Greenleaf, 2011 The lead author of this book is an Associate Professor of Management at the University of Canterbury, New Zealand and a leading figure in the Spirituality at Work movement. Her research and practice on meaningful work over the last decade, which has been primarily published in specialised academic journals, is now finally … Continue reading

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Spiritual-Based Leadership

Louis W Fry & Melissa Sadler Nisiewicz, Maximizing the Triple Bottom Line Through Spiritual Leadership, Stanford University Press, 2013 Louis Fry is a distinguished management scholar and founder of the International Institute for Spiritual Leadership which advises companies on new business models that emphasise the triple bottom line through personal and organisational spiritual leadership. His latest book, Maximizing the Triple Bottom Line Through Spiritual Leadership uses the emerging fields of spiritual leadership, conscious capitalism and … Continue reading

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Conscious Leadership for a Sustainable World

Barrett C. Brown, ‘Conscious Leadership for Sustainability: How Leaders with a late-stage Action Logic design and engage in sustainability initiatives’, Integral Thinkers, April, 2011 Barrett Brown has worked extensively as a consultant and entrepreneur with a focus on the intersection between organisation development, leadership development and global sustainability. He is a leading thinker in the application of Integral Theory to business and management and this article is a summary of his Doctoral thesis on the … Continue reading

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The Skills of Spiritual Intelligence

Cindy Wigglesworth – Deep Change and SQ21 The same year that Zohar and Marshall published their first book on SQ in 2000, Cindy Wigglesworth left her role as a Human Resources executive at Exxon to develop a framework that would help to identify and develop the skills and competencies of Spiritual Intelligence. She is now the President and founder of Deep Change, a leadership and coaching network that uses the SQ21 Inventory developed by Wigglesworth … Continue reading

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Spiritual Captial & Spiritual Intelligence

Danah Zohar & Ian Marshall, Spiritual Capital – Wealth we can live by, London: Bloomsbury Publishing, 2004 The seminal book in the emerging area of SQ remains Spiritual Capital by husband and wife team Zohar and Marshall. Between them they are learned in physics, psychology and philosophy, and develop a manifesto for personal, corporate and societal change. Given their backgrounds, it is not surprising that two underpinning streams of thought that inform the book come … Continue reading

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Autumn 2013: Intelligence for purpose and meaning: foundations for achieving social impact

It is appropriate that this Knowledge Connect follows Issue 16 on Leadership and Systems Thinking. The guest editor of that issue defined systems thinking as entailing a ‘consideration of the whole and its parts, and the complexity, paradox and interconnections within them. It also involves examining a situation from multiple perspectives, looking for long term as well as short-term effects and consequences, and recognizing patterns, cycles and relationships’. Many people would not dispute the power … Continue reading

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