New FIA principles and standards of fundraising practice

Recently the Fundraising Institute of Australia (FIA) launched an important new Code of Practice, Principles and Standards of Fundraising Practice, which allows Third Sector organisations to check how they should be operating and allows donors to recognise complying organisations.  

Ethical fundraising is crucial to public trust in Third Sector organisations.  The Code plays an important part in setting the framework for appropriate transparency, accountability and ethical practice.  The principles are critical to how the fundraising profession is viewed by donors, government, public and fundraisers. 

Self-regulation through the use of industry-developed codes of practice is being encouraged by Australian governments.

The FIA’s Principles and Standards were developed in consultation with government, FIA members and industry stakeholders and complement legislation, ensuring its relevancy to best practice.   

The Code also assists donors by enabling them to see if their charity of choice has the “tick of approval” from FIA, demonstrating that a donation will be used wisely and in keeping with its intended purpose. 

Download the FIA Principles and Standards of Fundraising Practice here

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