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Summer 2010-2011: Ethics in the Third Sector

From the Editor

In this issue we take a look at ethics in the Third Sector, from a broad discussion of the ideas underpinning civilisation, to the values each of us brings to decisions and we then explore the link between personal values and corporate responsibility.

Recent developments such as the unethical conduct of some financial institutions during the global financial crisis as well as the recent example of the BP ‘Deepwater Horizon’ oil spill have resulted in a renewed focus on ethics, values and corporate responsibility across all sectors of the economy.

In his review of Armstrong’s book “In Search of Civilization:  Remaking a Tarnished Idea” Joe Collins explores Armstrong’s four ideas of civilisation and his suggestion a compromise is needed between material and spiritual prosperity for civilisation to flourish.

Our personal values are the subject of Gentile’s article “Turning Values into Action”.  Gentile discusses an approach she has developed called ‘Giving Voice to Values’, based on the principle that we can become better at acting out our values if we give voice to them beforehand.

The growing body of work establishing the link between the personal values of managers and the development of ethical frameworks of corporate responsibility is explored by Duarte who emphasises the importance of the ‘tone from the top’. This relates to the question asked by Young in his book “Towards Moral Capitalism”- Is corporate social responsibility about good business or necessary ethics? He discusses the moral obligation and responsibility of business.

The increasing focus on ethics is influencing the curricula of business schools as reported by Fisher. We have also included two australian online casinos codes of ethics related to fundraising and governance that may assist third sector organisations in building an ethical culture

Links are provided to the full articles so you can investigate those that interest you. We encourage your comments on the site, as well as ideas for future issues.

Patrick McClure AO

Guest Editor, Knowledge Connect

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