Breakthroughs in Shared Measurement and Social Impact

The Foundation Strategy Group; 2009.

The breakthroughs reported by the Foundation Strategy Group (FSG) refer to efforts underway to develop shared approaches to measure and report performance across organisations. This informative report highlights twenty such efforts, categorised into three types:

  1. Shared measurement platforms
  2. Comparative performance systems
  3. Adaptive learning systems

The research also refers to consistent elements of success across the approaches. These include solid leadership and funding during the multi-year development period, voluntary participation, use of the web, independence from funders in devising indicators, ongoing dedicated staffing, and regular meetings to share and coordinate efforts.
At its best, shared measurement can be an adaptive learning system for organisations engaged in tackling similar social challenges. Rather than the old model of one-off grants and organisational capacity building, FSG asks funders and Third Sector organisations to consider aligning their efforts. They encourage building measurement systems that examine Third Sector performance against the underlying problem but not against one another.
Refer to the report to study the cases and examples of how this is being done:

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