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Spring 2009: Social Impact Investment

From the Editor

Welcome to the fourth issue of Knowledge Connect, CSI’s quarterly review that seeks to share insights from publications on social impact. This issue features articles about the rapidly evolving field of social investment.

Social investment has started to take hold in at least three sectors of the economy: 1) finance, in the form of microcredit loans, 2) health, with investments in immunisation bonds, and energy, through support for clean technologies. Typically, social investment funds aim for economic, social, and environmental returns. This is sometimes referred to as the “triple bottom line.” The emergence of microfinance as a successful and commercially viable form of social investment has attracted widespread attention in the financial marketplace. Yet microfinance is just part of the social investment ecosystem. Even the founder of microcredit, Muhammad Yunus, has painted a much broader vision about how market solutions can alleviate poverty – a topic featured in his book which is reviewed in this issue: Creating a World Without Poverty.

Links are provided to the full articles so that you can investigate and comment on those that interest you.

Editor, Knowledge Connect

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