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Summer 2009: Leadership and Accountability

From the Editor

Welcome to the second issue of Knowledge Connect, a quarterly review by the Centre for Social Impact (CSI). Knowledge Connect seeks to connect readers to the latest social impact thinking worldwide.

This issue focuses on leadership. Those in leadership positions in nonprofit organisations, government, and philanthropic bodies are presently facing a new set of challenges as they seek to chart a way forward through turbulent economic times. The articles profiled examine ways to enhance leadership decision-making, to cultivate leadership, and to hold leaders more accountable.

According to McKinsey Quarterly authors Bryan and Farrell, uncertain times place new onuses on decision-makers. Leaders must position their organisations to respond to unexpected opportunities. Volatile times may also cause waves in labour markets, prompting individuals to consider opportunities and transitions across sectors.

Two other articles, ‘For-Profit Activism’ and ‘Will They Pay?’, provide a snapshot into some leading edge thinking in using market dynamics to generate social profits. There are also extreme challenges to leadership under grave political unrest and insecurity which The New Yorker profile of work with refugees on the border of Sudan reminds us. And, since even good leaders can make bad decisions, there is demand for greater accountability such as the Australian government’s proposed federal disclosure regime for nonprofits.

The review of Money Well Spent shows how philanthropic leaders can hold themselves more accountable by employing strategy in philanthropic giving. From small-scale neighbourhood initiatives to large-scale global efforts, leading philanthropists are asked to clarify their goals and design strategies to anchor their organisations and enhance their intended social impact.

Please enjoy these summaries and be sure to investigate the complete texts that interest you through the links provided.

Editor, Knowledge Connect

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