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Spring 2008: Philanthropy, Social Investment and Public Policy

From the Editor

Welcome to Knowledge Connect, CSI’s review of noteworthy social impact thinking worldwide.

In this issue, five selected articles focus on the market dynamics of philanthropic and social investment funds. From the expansion of social investment in the UK, the dawn of non-profit IPOs, and excesses in US philanthropy, we examine ideas flowing from the social marketplace. What’s working? What’s not? And, what’s an appropriate role for the State?

Two of the pieces summarised focus on public policy. First, the Australia Institute published an examination of the potential costs and benefits of a National Compact between the federal government and the social sector. The article spotlights a live debate in Australian policy-making circles about whether to invest resources in a creating a Compact. Second, Peter Shergold reviews Geoff Mulgan’s book, The Art of Public Strategy. Peter’s review of this book pinpoints a shared concern for both government and the not-for-profit sector: how to accurately measure social impact.

Please enjoy these summaries and links to the full texts and discussions, where available.

Editor, Knowledge Connect

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